Green Tea

One of the healthiest things after water to drink, green tea originated in China and quickly spread throughout Asia. Many people who drink green tea regularly say it has an energizing, yet relaxing effect on the body. Green tea has been praised by numerous medical and scientific studies for its health benefits which may include: reducing cholesterol, lowering the risk of heart disease, lowering blood pressure, improving the skin, elevating mood, and protecting brain cells. In addition, green tea has great anti-inflammatory property and is loaded with cancer-fighting antioxidants. Green tea extract can be found in everything from bottled beverages and dietary supplements to cosmetics.
Green tea is processed using artisanal methods such as sun-drying, or pan-firing. More modern methods include oven-drying or steaming. Green tea has a clean pleasant flavor that easily blends with fruit or spices. Great care has been made at Casa di Mazarro to ensure we provide the finest quality green tea, hand-selected and packaged to preserve all of the health benefits and flavor.

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